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Pente Anemoi Apartment

Pente Anemoi Apartment

A traditional rustic two storey stone house, located in South Crete, aligned among other houses in a little picturesque alley of Lefkogeia village!


Begin your day with warm greetings, meet the neighbors, have fun, enjoy yourselves! Simplicity always led to peace! Recently renovated the house consists of a sitting room, an adequately equipped kitchen and a small shower bathroom on the ground floor.


Stone and wood as its dominant structural components add character and charm to the apartment.

A wooden staircase leads to the upper sleeping room, a spacious bedroom which has one single and one double bed, and a small balcony with a view of the surrounding mountains!









Pente Anemoi Apartment - Accommodation
Pente Anemoi Apartment -
Pente Anemoi Apartment -
Pente Anemoi Apartment -
Pente Anemoi Apartment -

A traditional stay

With the rocks and the wood as its dominant structural material the apartment
The house is ideal for families with small children, it is accommodated to host up to 3 persons, although an extra bed can be added if necessary!

A full list of facilities include:

Standard Facilities
Cooker, Fridge Toaster, Microwave
Fully Furnished Hair dryer
Wood burning stove Air conditioned
TV Furnished Balcony








Pente Anemoi Apartment - Area Information

Useful information during your stay.

The premium location of Villa Pente Anemoi is ideal for a variety of activities like excursions into nature, watersport or enjoying the sun.

In about two km distance there are some of Crete's most beautiful beaches with turquoise crystalclear water like Ammoudi, Ammoudaki, Klisidi, Skinaria, Damnoni and Paligremnos, there are even more places waiting to be explored.

The gorge of Kourtalioti is renowed for its wild beauty, the Kourtalioti river diverts into five brooklets, forming ponds, dropping down waterfalls, meeting again, passing the palm tree forest of Preveli to finally flow into the Libyan Sea.

You'll be enchanted by the lush nature and by fabulous views down the rocks. If you're keen on discovering more secluded scenery there are lots of opportunities for both short rambles and demanding treks.


Pente Anemoi Apartment - Activities

Nearby activities for unforgettable vacation.

There's plenty to do while staying on Crete.